Jonas McCloud

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Jonas McCloud

Cloudfistconceptz, an eclectic producer from the realms of Pluto, having landed on Earth and studied Sonic Arts to communicate with mankind he is here to share his unique sounds with the world. Cloudz are fly; Fists are hard-hitting and Conceptz are his styles & techniques.

His sound is an amalgamation of Hip-hop, Jazz, Dub, Dubstep, Trip-Hop & Garage; being influenced by the likes of Tom Waits, Tricky, Nina Simone, John Coltrane & KRS One to name but a few.

Cloudfistconceptz has produced for spoken-word artist Paula Varjack (Berlin), Soul songstress Shuanise (UK), Folk/Soul Vocalist Zayna Daze (UK) on the ‘Cloudy Daze’ EP volumes 1, 2 & 3; and has recently released the ‘Faerie in the Cloudz’ EP with Jazz vocalist Fae Simon (UK), now available for download on iTunes.

Being quoted by Paula Varjack as "…opens his mouth and breathes hip hop..." His creative talents extend to his alter-ego Jonas McCloud, a spoken-word poet and intergalactic lyricist having previously been known as Inna, a member of the Peace Not War crew, performing from London to Edinburgh and Birmingham & featuring on tracks with Requiem, Dunn Lo, D-Form & Trickady.

Cloudfistconceptz aka Jonas McCloud represents the Dubstep scene by featuring on Sub FM with Dj 3Zee1 recording vocals for producers such as Ed West, Fleck and Knighthood & Sun of Selah; who he is working on a new collaborative EP with, called ‘Hook less’, due to be released summer 2011.

Being also recognised on the spoken-word scene Jonas McCloud has performed at events such as Word2Word, Spredluv’s Round 5 o’Clock, Writer’s Block, Lyric Lounge, Poet’s Lounge, Hammer & Tongues, Rum Punch, Apples & Snakes, B.E.A.T & Farrago.

Having shared his lyrical skills from Brighton to Edinburgh; He is now ready for a wider audience looking towards Europe to spread his wings after already performing at Fashion Week, the Turntable Tutorial & Beatstreet, in Berlin, late 2010. With his debut EP ‘The Pegasus’ due for release on Crossover Sounds in early June 2011, he is certainly making tracks.

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